Young People Shout Outs: The MCR Interns

Every day our young people shine with their creativity, effort, and accomplishments despite the challenges they face. From homelessness and caring responsibilities to instability at home, they need extra support to succeed. But despite these challenges, our young people are giving it their all and deserve to be celebrated.

With the start of autumn upon us and school back in full swing, we’re taking a wee look back and celebrating some amazing work our young people did with us over the summer as part of our new Internship programme.

We firmly believe our young people need to be involved in decision making and shaping the way our programme runs, so it was a natural next step to have them working beside us this summer. Our interns led and participated in information sessions for recruitment, dropped into offices all over Glasgow to talk to staff about mentoring and created coursework for younger pupils.

Shout Out to: The Team Leaders

The intern programme itself was managed and run by two team leaders, Shannon and Sophie, both of whom had just left school in June.

Sophie said, “I think my favourite part of doing this was helping. When everybody comes in here and does their talks for the info session we got to give them advice. It was quite rewarding to help people who are just a bit… not confident, you just give them a wee boost.”

“It was hard at first because I’ve never done anything like it before. It was a lot of fun – we had work to do but we could also chat and have a laugh.” Shannon said.

Shannon also hoped the internship would help with her going forward, “I thought it’d be good for my future, so I can put something down on my CV. It can be a good reference and then hopefully people will want me.”

Shout Out to: Marketing Assistants Team

Our marketing assistants spent the summer working on programme materials and activities for young people going into group work. They created a series of fantastic videos that will be used in classrooms by Pathways Coordinators with this year’s S1 and S2s.

Not only did they develop practical editing and video skills, the internship introduced them to new people.

Jayden, who had a very busy summer both interning and volunteering for the European championships said,

‘I thought we would have to, like, work by ourselves and just do the work, but I just realised that not all offices are like that. It’s opened my eyes about what it’s like – it’s nothing to do with school”

“I think for me, my favourite part of the internship was working with everyone in the office and seeing what they do. I’ve realised that these people are totally diverse, all coming from different places and backgrounds and it feels good knowing that there’s someone suited for everyone for support. And I like the idea that as an intern I can give the same kind of support that I got.” Kieran added.

Peter said “I feel much more comfortable because I know so many people, before I only knew a couple of MCR people. I’ve got to know everybody a good wee bit, I’ve at least spoke to everybody once and it’s sparked more confidence.”

Shout out to: Events Team

Our events team were really pulled out of their comfort zone. They accompanied MCR all across Glasgow, going into offices and talking to staff. They shared their stories of resilience and encouraged people all over the city to become mentors.

This was not always easy work, they had to be fast on their feet and able to answer questions – but they all rose to the challenge.

Frankie said, “I was so scared at first to go up and talk to people, I was like ‘no way’. But after the first time it was OK and then I could just keep doing it.”

AJ added, “I’m not really good at talking to people but this helped me a get a bit more confident.”


We created this internship to keep showing our young people that nothing can stand in their way. They’re so talented and have so much potential. By giving them opportunities to grow their confidence, we know that they’ll be able to achieve so much.

“I went from being homeless and having no confidence to feeling like nothing fazes me and like I could take on anything. I feel much happier and stronger.” Kieran.


Thanks to all the amazing work of our mentors and young people. Mentors build a trusting, caring relationship with their young people which is the prerequisite for young people to find and accomplish their dreams. Can you become a mentor and work with one of our fab young people? When one person mentors, two lives are changed.

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