The YGT story has not always been smooth sailing, but the courage of our organisation to push forward and succeed has never been in doubt. This is a long term commitment which brings together like-minded individuals and organisations who are deeply committed to changing the prospects of future generations.

The spark

MCR Pathways was founded by philanthropist Iain MacRitchie. Iain succeeded in the business world by turning around failing corporations, but after improving the financial success of over 90 children’s homes and 5 residential schools, realised these were not the changes that really needed to be made. The talents of these young people were left undeveloped and potential unrealised, forgotten completely as they turned 18. Iain realised the key to these young people’s success lay in education and the catalyst for the creation of MCR Pathways was born.

The journey

After this realisation, a chance meeting took place with Bruce Malone and Donna Cunningham, Head Teacher and Senior Manager at St Andrew’s Secondary School. In 2007, Donna began providing dedicated and individual support to care experienced young people in the school. The goal was to develop these young people’s confidence and talents by giving individualised attention to each child’s specific story.

Young Glasgow Talent
Young Glasgow Talent

The power of relationships

It soon became clear that a key way to bring stability to the lives of these young people was by introducing a mentor, a reliable adult who is there for no other reason than they care. Trusting relationships are the building blocks on which a young person can have the confidence to explore their talents and potential.

Expansion to 6 schools

For Maureen McKenna, Glasgow’s Executive Director of Education, the MCR approach was persuasive. Consequently St Andrew’s Secondary was then joined by St Rochs Secondary, Springburn Academy, Lochend Community High, Eastbank Academy and Smithycroft Secondary. It was not all smooth going but the will and resilience never wavered. Giving up was never an option. The number of young people supported rose to 350.

Inspired Partnership

In January 2017, MCR and Glasgow City Council formed a revolutionary partnership to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people and bring mentoring across Glasgow over three years. However, the MCR team and the Council didn’t want to delay – they wanted to support all young people who needed a mentor as soon as possible. With young people as our inspiration and motivation, we expanded mentoring into all Glasgow secondary schools in November 2017, doubling the number of young people helped from 600 to more than 1200. Through the power of relationships, more young people than ever before are being supported to achieve their dreams.

National Expansion

The MCR Mentor Programme is now in all Glasgow secondary schools. Throughout 2018, we hope to reach a further 5 local authorities, allowing us to support over 2,000 young people in our most challenged areas. We have a national ambition to bring mentoring to all Scottish care-experienced and disadvantaged young people.

Shared Vision

To scale YGT meant utilising our network of committed, like-minded individuals across organisations and institutions, who were suitably experienced to help. There emerged a key team of Pioneers dedicating to meeting each week to lay down the very best foundations for expansion. The Herald embraced our cause and promoted our mentor recruitment campaign which gathered momentum along with corporate and institutional engagement.

Our thanks to:

Glasgow Life, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Kelvin College, Wheatley Group, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, SECC, SFC, CELCIS, The Herald, STV, Life Changes Trust, Robertson Trust, MCR Holdings, Glasgow City Council to name but a few.

Young Glasgow Talent
Young Glasgow Talent

YGT by MCR Pathways

MCR’s branding was built towards educating potential mentors about the disadvantage young care experienced people in Glasgow have to face, and to encourage them to dedicate their time to mentoring to help change this terrible reality. However this approach had the potential to dishearten our young people, which is why we have created YGT, a side of the MCR coin dedicated to speaking directly to our young people about their talent, potential and the future.
More thanks to: Scott Taylor, the man behind People Make Glasgow, Marie McQuade an MCR Pioneer and Iain himself are converting a vision into a reality. Macguires Advertising & Design brought it to life. Phil Sanderson created the design and Chris Maguire and his team went beyond the call of duty to produce an array of engaging marketing materials. The YGT philosophy of only the best will do was met and exceeded in every detail.

Forgotten in 10 years | the MCR definition of success

MCR refuses to accept that there should be any difference in education outcomes and life chances based on circumstances beyond young people’s control. YGT is a long term, not one off, project and aims to become “business as usual” across the city. The founders objective is to be forgotten in 10 years time as this will be the norm as to how young people will be supported in school.

Young Glasgow Talent

Download our Documents

We have a lot more to show you and we’ve made some awesome documents to help you find out more about what’s on offer at YGT.

Mentor Glasgow

Mentor Recruitment Brochure

Mentor Glasgow

Corporate Recruitment Brochure

Mentor Glasgow


Mentor Glasgow


In 2007, in one East End school in Glasgow, MCR Pathways was brought to life. Now, Young Glasgow Talent supports over 1300 young people aged between 13 to 18 in all Glasgow secondary schools. We have begun expanding the programme nationally, beginning in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh. Our goal is to establish Scotland as the place where all young people, without exception, can realise their full potential. Read more below about our Glasgow schools.

All Saints Secondary School

All Saints is a Roman Catholic secondary school in the north east of Glasgow. Our catchment areas include Balornock, Barmulloch and Milton.

We are a vibrant Roman Catholic Secondary focussed on supporting the development of our learners as they aspire to meet the future needs of our society.

We rely on the support of all our parents, carers and partners in the local community to ensure that each young person in our school achieves their full potential and is able to live a fulfilled life inspired by Gospel Values .

Bannerman High School

As a comprehensive school, Bannerman High aims to develop the potential of every child, affording equal opportunities to all. We aim to ensure that all our young people learn the facts, techniques and skills to help them build their lives for the future. We try to cater for the common needs of all and for the special aptitudes and interests of individuals so that each child benefits fully from his/her experience in Bannerman. In so doing, we strive to help each pupil attain the very best qualifications through examination success, maintaining high standards for the individual and for the school as a whole.

There is a traditional intellectual training across various subject areas but we are also concerned with the personal and social development of the child. Within a safe, caring and orderly environment we aim to encourage in each child respect for themselves and others, tolerance, responsibility and self-discipline, self-confidence, independence and ambition. Bannerman High is a community and we stress, without apology, the importance of politeness, honesty and concern for others. We want children to be happy and we believe the “Bannerman Code” supports this, providing a framework upon which each child may build his/her self-discipline both as a pupil and as preparation for the future.

Parents and teachers share the same hope for every child- that they will emerge into adult life as good citizens, well prepared and willing to lead useful and fulfilling lives. We want them to achieve the best possible qualifications and to recognize the importance of learning as a life long process. Working together will allow us to ensure that these aspirations become realities. We welcome parents as partners in the educational process and will strive to strengthen this partnership. We need you to do the same.

Bellahouston Academy

Bellahouston Academy is a Non-denominational, co-educational Glasgow secondary school.

Vision, Values and Aims

To provide a first rate education, with well-qualified and well-motivated staff working together to ensure that every pupil in the school can achieve to the limit of his or her potential.
To tackle – with all the energy, optimism and resilience that it needs – the problems that children face because of social deprivation and poverty of expectation, and to hold fast to the principle that every child can and should achieve.
To present learning as a life-long process, the pursuit of which will both liberate and reward the individual learner and benefit society as a whole.
To provide a safe, caring and orderly environment in which to learn and to grow and which the promotion of positive behaviour is fundamental.
To provide, in both the formal and informal curriculum, a rich set of experiences which will encourage children to grow in maturity, responsibility and in self assurance as well as in knowledge and understanding.
To promote the values of responsible citizenship and social justice and to affirm that all people are of equal value and all are entitled to equality of opportunity and to appropriate respect for their dignity, irrespective of religion or race.
To make a reality of the principle that learning should be a partnership between the user and the provider and, in particular, to place real value on the views of pupils and parents.
To foster sound learning, to encourage enterprise and innovation and to promote the virtues of honesty, reliability and hard work.


Drumchapell School LogoDrumchapel High School is a comprehensive non-denominational school serving the community of Drumchapel situated in the west of Glasgow. Drumchapel has undergone, and continues to undergo, major regeneration and is in an ideal position to be at the heart of this regeneration process. As part of the rebuilding of the community Drumchapel High School moved into a purpose built new school about five years ago, with space for 850 pupils.

Drumchapel High School welcomes young people from first year through to sixth year, regardless of ability, ethnicity or religious belief. They offer a full curriculum with presentation at all levels and are also developing strong links with local colleges.

Castlemilk High School

Castlemilk High School is a non-denominational Glasgow secondary school. Our school is very proud of the high levels of Pastoral Care given to our pupils, the wide range of extra-curricular activities we offer and the academic successes of our young people.

We wish to secure the best possible outcomes for our young people. We strive for equity with excellence in education and believe in always placing the ‘Child at the Centre’ by ensuring they are safe, happy, respected and achieving their full potential.

We actively encourage our young people to be ambitious and have the high expectations of them in all aspects of school life: in their attitude to learning, in their personal conduct and in their appearance. We place no ceiling on their achievements.
We want our young people to leave school with the confidence and capabilities, skills and attributes and the necessary qualifications to be able to decide their future for themselves and to live a happy, healthy and successful life. We expect every young person in Castlemilk High School to have the freedom – as an adult – to choose the path that is right for them.

We believe that great things can only happen if we work together in partnership. As the African proverb states, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” We have fostered active partnerships with our parents, local primary and secondary schools, local businesses and the community of Castlemilk.

I wish to continue to build on these partnerships to provide the best possible education for each of our young people. Working together will allow us to ensure that the aspirations of our young people become realities.

Cleveden Secondary School

Cleveden is a six-year comprehensive school situated in the Kelvindale area of the north west of Glasgow. The school is an amalgam of the former Cleveden and North Kelvinside secondaries and the combined school came into being in 1998. After a major extension and refurbishment, the present building was officially opened by the then First Minister, Jack McConnell MSP, on 8 February 2002.

The current school role of 615 is below our maximum capacity of 1250. The S1 intake is generally around 100 pupils and comes from our associated primary schools (Cadder, Caldercuilt, Dunard, Kelvindale, Parkview and Highpark) and through placing requests.

Our partnership working with parents, carers, members of the local community, and other agencies is very well established and is crucially important to our success. It helps us to deliver on our commitment to high standards of pupil performance and behaviour and also provides access to a whole range of additional learning experiences and specialist support allowing us to meet the needs of all pupils.

All of the staff at Cleveden work hard to provide, in a safe, caring and orderly environment, a high quality education that will meet the academic, social and moral needs of all our pupils. We are also keen to provide a curriculum which is visibly about the application and use of learning and about the skills that can be developed through exposure to a wide range of learning experiences both within the classroom and beyond.

Eastbank Academy

Eastbank Academy LogoEastbank Academy is a non-denominational secondary school in the East End of Glasow. They are particularly proud of their young people and their long history of effective partnerships which have been focused on improving their students chances of success. They have been a fantastic supporter of MCR Pathways in their school. They “hope that young people leave school with strong transferable skills and a resilience which will stand them in good stead for some of the challenges that lie ahead.”

Glasgow Gaelic School / Sgoil Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu

Glasgow Gaelic School is a school in Glasgow which teaches through the medium of Scottish Gaelic. This teaching method is commonly known as Gaelic medium education. The school has no catchment area as it serves the whole of Glasgow, as well as south-west Scotland, taking in pupils from Kilmarnock, East Kilbride, Bishopbriggs, Cumbernauld and Greenock.

Govan High School

Govan High School is a non-denominational, co-educational, comprehensive school that caters for pupils aged 12-18. The school can trace its history back to 1874, although the name Govan High dates from 1 February 1910. Govan High moved to its present site in 1969 when the present building was opened by Mr Anthony Hepper who was Chairman of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders at that time. The refurbished building was re-opened by Sir Alex Ferguson CBE on 12 September 2002. Sir Alex is a former pupil. The school celebrated its centenary year in 2010.

Hillhead High School

Hillhead High School is a six year comprehensive, non denominational, co-educational school in the West End of Glasgow. It is situated on Oakfield Avenue close to Glasgow University. The school dates back to 1885.

Our aim as a school, therefore, is to identify, support and challenge all young people at all stages of their learning to maximise their individual potentials. To do so we plan for a curriculum that offers appropriate challenge, enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, coherence and relevance.

Hillpark Secondary School

Hillpark Secondary is a non-denominational school with 980 pupils currently enrolled. It is part of the Hillpark Learning Community, enjoying close working links with its associated primary schools and pre-five partners.
The school has an active Parent Council which represents the views of parents to the Principal and the Authority.

The School Board meets once per month and is comprised of parents and co-opted members. Hillpark Secondary pupils benefit from an outstanding extra-curricular programme ranging from football to horseriding. The Pupil Council is elected on an annual basis by the pupils and meets monthly.

Holyrood Secondary School

Holyrood Secondary is the biggest Catholic school in Scotland and Gospel values are at the heart of the school. In 2018, the school celebrated its 80th Anniversary. The school has a very diverse community and everything in the school is aimed at getting the very best for each pupil. The school is committed to providing the most engaging and highest quality learning experiences possible for all young people both in classes and beyond the classroom. The school has a range of clubs, teams and experiences there to give young people as many opportunities as possible to experience success during their time in school.

Hyndland Secondary School

Hyndland School in Western Glasgow aims to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment in which every pupil can fully develop their talents and abilities. The school aims for pupils to be active and responsible
members of the wider community served by the school. As a partnership between teachers and pupils, the school aims to achieve the best possible education for every individual, regardless of gender, race, religion or background. The school aims to combine high expectations with a sympathetic, supportive approach to the needs of the individual, all within a culture of mutual respect.

John Paul Academy

John Paul Academy is a Catholic Academy school in Northern Glasgow. The school has a core objective to make a unique difference to every individual within the community in order that they reach their highest potential. This creates an ethos of achievement that is conducive to high quality learning.
There are many clubs and extra-curricular activities for learners to be involved in where they can develop relationships with both members of staff and their peers. These quality relationships allow for extracurricular informal learning that will benefit young people for the rest of their lives. Partnerships with parents are vital to the school’s ethos since parents and carers are young people’s primary educators.

King’s Park Secondary

King’s Park is a large secondary school in the Southside of Glasgow. The school provides itself on its five core values.

ACHIEVEMENT AND ATTAINMENT. To provide teaching and learning of a very high standard to motivate and enable all pupils to become confident individuals and achieve their full potential, in particular in literacy
and numeracy.

FRAMEWORK FOR LEARNING. To ensure a positive, inclusive ethos exists within the school to support staff and pupils in their teaching and learning and foster partnerships with parents and carers.

INCLUSION AND EQUALITY. To develop a sense of equality and fairness, community spirit, understanding and tolerance enabling all pupils to feel valued and respected benefiting from the education provided.

VALUES AND CITIZENSHIP. To develop values and citizenship, in partnership with parents, to enable pupils to have respect for self and others and to interact appropriately as responsible citizens within the school
environment and wider community.

LEARNING FOR LIFE. To encourage pupils to be ambitious and creative by providing opportunities to equip them with the foundation skills, attitudes and expectations necessary to function successfully in a changing society.

Knightswood Secondary School

Knightswood Secondary School is located in the West End of Glasgow,Knightswood_Secondary_School_Badge one of the City’s largest Secondarys with a roll of approximately 1300 pupils and 100 teaching staff. We are co-educational, non-selective and non-denominational, educating pupils of all abilities, cultures and social backgrounds. The school works alongside its associated Early Years establishments and the Primary Schools of Knightswood, Blairdardie, Bankhead, Garscadden, Scotstoun and Yoker.

Everything we are trying to achieve is underpinned and sustained by our values which are

  • Honesty
  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusion

A unique feature of the school is that we are the home of the National Dance School of Scotland which provides specialist tuition for some of the country’s most gifted young dancers and musical theatre performers. These youngsters follow the School curriculum and take a full and active part in School life in addition to the specialist training they receive.

Knightswood Secondary wanted to imbed the MCR Pathways programme into the school to target our most vulnerable learners so that they will see their confidence, self-esteem and with time their aspirations grow. It is hoped that the young people involved in the programme will make a positive transition from school to Employment, Further Education or Higher Education.

MCR Pathways will enhance our mentoring and Duke of Edinburgh programmes which run in our Senior Phase and bring these high quality experiences to appropriate young people in the Broad General Education. Having a dedicated Pathway Coordinator in school will have a positive impact in the engagement and progress of the targeted pupils.



Lourdes Secondary is a comprehensive school in the Southside of Glasgow and serves the communities of Cardonald, Crookston, Govan, Hillington and Penilee. Lourdes Secondary is an inclusive Catholic community of faith and learning, rich in our diversity and offering a climate of high expectations and aspirations for all. The young people in Lourdes Secondary are encouraged to aspire to the faith ideals of love for God and for people to enrich their community.

Lourdes Secondary has recently joined the MCR Pathway programme. Working in partnership with the staff in Lourdes and parents/carers the school is enthusiastic that the young people’s participation in the MCR Pathway programme will set them on the pathway to a brighter more successful future.



Lochend Community High is a non-denominational school located in Easterhouse in the North East of Glasgow. Despite the challenges of working in an area of regeneration their young people have aspirations to be the best that they can be and work together with their committed staff and our Pathways Coordinators to secure their future and career pathways. For those under risk of missing out, Young Glasgow Talent has proven to be a key component in building aspirations and gaining higher achievement. Lochend Community High has proven to be extremely committed to the mentoring programme in place.

Notre Dame Secondary

Notre Dame High School is a Catholic comprehensive girls’ school in Northwest Glasgow. Founded in 1897, the school holds dear the tradition of an aspirational learning environment combining Gospel values and 21st century values. The staff provide support for young women to flourish in academic attainment, personal development and spiritual growth.

Rosshall Secondary

Rosshall Academy is an welcoming school in Southwest Glasgow. The school is a growing positive influence in the community with a commitment to delivering the highest standards in every aspect of all it offers. The school welcomed its first students in August 2002 and are proud of the academic, social and personal achievements of around 3000 young people since. Our vision is that all learners will maximise their potential, aspiring to excellence, in an atmosphere of equality, integrity and respect.

Shawlands Academy

Shawlands Academy is a large, non denominational school situated in the Southside of Glasgow. The pupils number around 1250. It is a long established school dating from 1894. The school as it is today opened its doors for the first time 124 years ago in the building on Pollokshaws Road which is now Shawlands Primary School. Shawlands Academy has modern classroom facilities through-out the school, thereby helping to maintain a high standard of education for pupils. The school attempts to combine the best elements of traditional Scottish education with a developing curriculum designed to equip pupils for the twenty-first century. There has been significant investment in technology which has improved pupil provision in all subjects particularly in Business Education, Computing, English, Modern Languages, Science, Design & Technology and Music.

St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School

St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School is a six year Catholic Comprehensive School. The values of the school are strongly influenced by Gospel values such as love, truth, and justice. Guided by these values, the school aims to develop the all-round education of its young people. The school has high academic targets for its young people, reflected by steadily improving exam results in recent years.

The school is a community that works closely with its partner primaries and with our pupils, parents and carers. The school aims to motivate its young people to be ambitious for themselves and their community. They are encouraged to develop breadth and depth in their academic education and to develop love and care in their personal education. All areas of their development – spiritual, academic and personal – are supported by an experience and professional staff.

Saint Andrew’s


St Andrews is a denominational Secondary School in Glasgow’s East End. They are committed to their Vision of Excellence for 2017 which means “achieving the highest levels of attainment and achievement for every individual young person and improve the lives and life chances of all our young people”. They are driven to provide the best possible outcome for our students to make sure they excel way beyond expectations. We have been in partnership with them for over 7 years and their dedication and support has given our mentoring programme the space to thrive.

Saint Mungo’s

St Mungo’s Academy is a denominational, co-educational, comprehensive, secondary school located in Bridgeton, Glasgow. 800 young people attend the school in the city’s east end. The school holds very strong values at the heart of everything it does. It’s a place where staff and young people: “Welcome everyone and no one is alone; treat everyone with care, compassion and consideration; always encourage hope in each other; recognise the dignity of each individual person; and practice justice, forgiveness and peace.” The school’s ethos is to recognise the voice of every single person. It’s focused on developing and maintaining strong relationships with parents/carers “as the first educators of their children”. The school values every member of the institution – staff, parents/carers and young people – learning from each other.

Saint Paul’s

St Paul's Logo tinySt Paul’s is a denominational High School located in Pollock in the south of the city. Over 700 pupils attend the school. Its ethos is built on the values of promotion of self belief, equality and the rewarding of success. The young people attending are all truly valued and cared for. “Aiming High for Young People” is the school’s motto. Every member of staff is totally dedicated to improving the life chances of every young person in the school. St Paul’s is one of the more recent schools to join the MCR Pathways Young Glasgow Talent programme. Their support has been tremendous and we’re extremely excited to be working further with the school’s staff, pupils and parents and carers.

Saint Roch’s


St Rochs is a denominational Secondary school serving the North of Glasgow and has a school population that truly reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of Glasgow. They “believe in the development of the individual as a whole person, spiritual, as well as physical, emotional and intellectual”. This belief shines through as they have utilised Young Glasgow Talent to a great extent and contributed to the emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being of their students.

Smithycroft Secondary


Smithycroft Secondary School is an inclusive non-denominational school in the East End of Glasgow. At the heart of all their activities is a desire to ensure that all their young people have equality of opportunity to achieve their very best. Their ethos encourages them to attain the best qualifications they can; to achieve success in a wide range of activities and experiences; and to aspire to be the very best in all that they do.

St Thomas Aquinas RC Secondary 

St Thomas Aquinas RC Secondary is a Roman Catholic, co-educational, secondary school based in the West End of Glasgow. As it has the largest catchment area of any English language school in Glasgow, the school serves a very diverse set of local communities from Drumchapel through Knightswood, Scotstoun, Partick and in to the city centre.
St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School’s core aims are to nourish an ethos based on Gospel values of love, wisdom, integrity, justice and compassion, and to develop a community that is welcoming, caring and inclusive. The school’s key mission is: “to develop as a community of faith and learning, providing the highest quality of education and supporting the formation of each young person through the promotion of Gospel values”.
The continued success of St Thomas Aquinas RC Secondary School is supported by a very committed teaching staff led by an experienced senior leadership team.


Springburn Academy Logo

Springburn Academy is a six year co-educational and non-denominational secondary school situated just to the north east of the centre of Glasgow. The school serves a rich mix of communities and takes pupils from Springburn, Possilpark, Milton, Balornock, Barmulloch, Sighthill and surrounding areas.

The school currently has about 800 pupils with about 12% of pupils who can speak another language(s) in addition to English. Springburn Academy provides a broad and balanced curriculum leading to a full range of SQA qualifications and wider achievements. The school’s aim is to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to ensure that all pupils are successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors who are prepared to take their place in society. The school’s involvement in the MCR Pathways project is greatly appreciated by the pupils and their parents/guardians and has helped to ensure that the young people have a positive destination when they leave school.

Whitehill Secondary School

Whitehill is a Scottish non-denominational comprehensive secondary school located in the suburb of Dennistoun in Glasgow. The school is a part of the Whitehill Campus, along with Golfhill Primary School and Westercraigs Nursery. The campus was assembled in 2007, following the closure of the Golfhill Primary building due to structural issues.

Young Glasgow Talent Logo - Lets find it use it grow it

If we’re not in your school yet then don’t fret. We’ll be there sooner than you can say Young Glasgow Talent!

We owe our thanks to so many individuals that we had to set up a separate page for just some of them! View it below and many thanks to all who have helped in some way over the years.