Pioneering Partners encourage and support their staff to become mentors as well as providing experiences for the young people to help build their education and career aspirations. Helping a young person be shaped by their talent and not their circumstances is a deeply enriching experience for all. Each of our Pioneering Partners bring a unique blend of enthusiasm, skills and support to the programme, which makes for a richly rewarding experience for all involved.

Glasgow City Council are a partner that deserves huge credit as they have been a key supporter in the expansion of MCR Pathways. They have let us have some of their most influential staff and made us very welcome in the education services team and in the schools. Working inside such an influential institution has given us the confidence and backing we needed to be able to push forward MCR Pathways and our Young Glasgow Talent campaign. Glasgow City Council are very committed to the young people of Glasgow.

MCR Pathways is more than a partner to Young Glasgow Talent. They are two sides of the same coin. MCR Pathways was established first to ensure the recruitment, training and support of volunteers to mentor young people around Glasgow. The Young Glasgow Talent campaign was born later to talk directly to our young people about finding, growing and using their talents. With the determination of likeminded people like Iain MacRitchie, the MCR Pathways team and pioneering partners, the goal of ensuring there are no differences in education outcomes, career options and life chances is possible.

Mentor Glasgow

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“MCR Pathways have a rare combination of vision, empathy and rigor, which means that not only are we confident they are effective in improving the lives of young people, but that we learn a great deal from working with them.” Jill Miller, Director of Cultural Services