There are many ways in which companies and employers can be involved in Young Glasgow Talent. Typically, this takes the form of one of the three ways described below, however when it comes to inspiring the young people of Glasgow, we are always open to fresh ideas and inspiration, so please get in touch using the form below and we’ll be delighted to start a conversation with you. We understand the demands and priorities that companies and employers face and we will work with you and your colleagues in order to make sure your company can contribute to Young Glasgow Talent in the best way possible.

Talent Tasters

Talent Tasters provide a unique opportunity for young people to experience the world of work and broaden their horizons in a way that is more time efficient for your organisation and staff. These tasters are designed to interest and motivate the young people and to help them to make informed choices about their future career paths at a younger age. In this way we hope to encourage these young people to continue to engage in education and to work towards their future career goals. Perhaps your organisation could help?