My MCR mentor managed to get me on to the ‘Access to Primary Education’ course even though I did not have the minimum entry requirements. She knew I had the ability but had struggled with things at home during some of my education so missed parts. The course gave me an insight into the career I was keen on and also gave me an insight into university life. She also helped me with my UCAS and personal statement, which I had real difficulty with. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have got the offers I received.

“My mentor has helped me aim high in life.”

Earlier on in third year she also got me involved in the PX2 Motivational programme which at the time I wasn’t sure about as I had low self-esteem, but getting involved really built up my confidence. She was someone I could talk to when worried and by listening and talking she calmed me down and motivated me in the right direction. When I had doubts about my ability to pass subjects she believed in me and helped me get one on one-study sessions with teachers. Personally I think my mentor is a great individual who has helped me as a person gain confidence, succeed and aim high in life.

“I struggle to think where I would be without it.”

“I am still in touch with my mentor even after all of these years.”

“I’m now on my 4th year at university and aim to finish with a 1st Level Degree.”

“My Mentor has helped me aim high in life.”