Coming from a financially deprived, single parent family with 5 children and spending years at a time both in care and a homeless unit, it was very difficult for me to learn and get good grades at school. Having that person there who supported and believed in me but wasn’t a family member, helped massively through not only all the challenges education brought but those of life on a day by day basis. Struggling with confidence and unsure of what I wanted to do my school mentor took notice of this and encouraged me onto a construction college course during my school studies. This helped me as an individual with my confidence and gave me an insight into a career I wanted whilst helping me focus on being successful in the pursuit of that career. From learning support in primary to leaving school with 4 Highers and into a BSc (Hons) university course is something I’m very proud of.

“I’m now on my fourth year at university and aim to finish with a First Level Degree.”

Even after I left school, my MCR mentor was so willing to help when I applied for my much-needed scholarships, I was successful with my scholarship applications and it has made so many things possible that weren’t before; overseas work experience, European trips and general sponsorship of my studies. My current and future success in my opinion wouldn’t be possible without someone like my MCR mentor looking over me throughout all my struggles and accomplishments. I’m now on my fourth year at university and aim to finish with a First Level Degree and would love for her to be at my graduation to see how much of a real impact she has had on my life. I now look to the future and hope to go on after university to have an ever-successful Building Surveying career and have an amazing life with none of the hardships I went through as I grew up.

“I’m now on my 4th year at university and aim to finish with a 1st Level Degree.”

“I am still in touch with my mentor even after all of these years.”

“Not until now have I come across a programme that transforms lives!”

“I feel honoured this young woman has accepted me into her life.”