Charity’s Mentor Army will be Deployed across Scotland

Published by The Times

James Glossop

A mentoring charity has held its first national conference, at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, as it prepares to expand.

MCR Pathways, which works with all high schools in Glasgow, recently set up in six schools in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and is in talks with nine other local authorities. It assigns a personal mentor to young people in need of support because they are in care or for other personal reasons.

The initiative has raised the attainment of teenagers, while mentors have developed skills that have helped them in the workplace. It is now being backed by the Scottish government, which has said it will match funding with local councils with high levels of poverty that adopt the programme. It supports more than 1,000 teenagers each week, with the help of more than 600 mentors.

The conference was organised by young people who have benefited from the scheme. Iain MacRitchie, founder of MCR Pathways, said: “By devoting 50 minutes a week to listen, build a trusting relationship and help a young person to find their talent, people can make a life-changing difference.” John Swinney, the education secretary, said the scheme had improved life chances of those who had experienced care in Glasgow and backed plans to roll it out nationwide.


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