Your 2018/2019 MCR Pathways Mentor Calendar

Back to School & Supporting More Young People than ever

MCR Pathways is growing bigger and better, bringing mentoring to an ever increasing number of young people. In the last twelve months, we’ve more than doubled the number of pupils we work with, from 600 to over 1300. Now that the school has resumed, we have lots of events, training sessions and more planned to help our young people find, grow and use their talents.

Mentor Calendar

Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work in preparation for a big new year ahead. To make everything easier for our mentors and young people we’ve made lots of updates to our plans and processes. We’re now working with more mentors than ever before so we’ve taken a fresh look at our activities and the needs of our volunteers.

We’re super pleased to share our new 2018/2019 Mentor Calendar, which shows at a glance all the important details you need to know to help your young person. When you click the Calendar image below it will open a downloadable PDF. In the calendar, we list recommended training sessions, Mentor Coffee & Conversations and MCR events that will help you better connect with us and your fellow mentors. We’ve also included some keys dates from the school calendar, including Talent Taster windows, class section dates, and college, uni and other application deadlines.

While occasionally some dates may change, this is your easy guide to seeing what’s going on month to month. We will continue to send information about individual events and training dates as they approach and will notify you promptly with any changes that occur outwith our control.

Relationships above all

Many of the pupils we work with face challenges – outwith their control – and would gain so much from an adult providing caring and nonjudgmental support. Not a teacher, not a social worker – but someone who shows up just for them because they care. They need a mentor. Across Glasgow, we aim to reach 2000 of these young people and across Scotland we have a further goal to reach 5000 young people.

This growth is a cause for celebration and we want to say a big thank you to all the mentors – new and old, who come week after week, to meet their young person. Whether you’ve been involved in the programme for 5 days, 5 months or 5 years, you are an important part of the MCR family.

Even as MCR expands – across the city and the country – we remain committed to the transformational impact of individual relationships. Over the next year there will be many developments, but the importance of relationships will always remain consistent. We will continue to stand up for and listen to our young people and continue refining the programme to better reach this goal.


There are still another 750 young people in the city hoping for the support of their very own mentor. Everyone has something to offer, no matter your background or career experience. Please share with everyone you know and encourage them to become a mentor.


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